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Before & After Smile Gallery


 At Pleasant Smile Dental Care, we use a combination of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance the beauty of every smile. Contact or visit our office to learn more about the amazing transformations in our gallery below, or to discuss how the dentists at Pleasant Smile Dental Care can improve your smile today.



Before (left) and after (right) our special In-office professional whitening.




Before (left) and after(right) porcelain Veneers. 




 Misaligned teeth before (left) and after (right) Invisalign.




 Rough edges (left) smoothed by enamel shaping, and bonding (right).




 A chipped tooth before and after dental bonding.




 A ‘prepared’ tooth (left); the crown cemented into place (right).




A “smile makeover” can make a dramatic difference in one’s appearance.




 Bridges can improve the appearance and function of teeth

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